The head of UNICEF in Montenegro held a lecture at University Mediterranean

Besides natural, cultural, and touristic resources that Montenegro is full of, Mr Makkawi also pointed out the social capital, people, as a key factor upon which further development should rely on. In that sense, he said that development rests upon the youth, and that education and development should be tracked as early as possible, and that is one of the more significant activities of UNICEF.

The Rector of Mediterranean University, Prof. Dr. Radislav Jovovic has pointed out the significant of UNICEF in the area of protection of youth, kids, and all vulnerable groups of society, as well as connectivity of education of young people on their way towards future business activities in his opening speech.

Mediterranean University’s students showed a great interest in UNICEF Montenegro’s youth programs, and after the presentation they had a chance to ask the lecturers questions. The given answers are excellent guidelines for the young people in their future business ventures. A happy and secure childhood is the least we can offer to the kids, and UNICEF recognized that the best investment in the future of one country is investing in its youth, was the conclusion of the meeting.






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