Level 1 (BSc, BFA)

Basic studies (study program for acquiring the qualification of Bachelor, VI) are conducted at all faculties of the University of the Mediterranean. The workload of students and teachers is expressed in the form of ECTS/CSPK credits (1 credit = 30 hours of study) and amounts to 30 credits per semester, whereby the load of contact teaching does not exceed the usual 40 hours of study per week. Forms of contact teaching are lectures (p), exercises (v), laboratory (l), work in the studio, etc.

Upon successful completion of the studies, the student receives a Diploma with a Diploma Supplement (DS), which contains detailed information about the study plan and program, a list of passed exams, information about eligibility for further training and/or employment, and other relevant information about the form and content of the higher education program for obtaining level VI qualifications (Bachelor, BSc/BFA). The Faculties of the University of the Mediterranean Podgorica are the first higher educational institutions in Montenegro that started issued the Diploma Supplement, starting in 2009.

Study programs of basic studies in the amount of 180 ECTS/CSPK credits, lasting 3 years (6 semesters) by faculties are:

FEB/Faculty of Economics and Business

MTS/Faculty of Tourism

FIT/Faculty of Information Technologies

FVU/Faculty of Visual Arts

  • Visual arts
    • Graphic design
    • Illustration
    • Photography
    • Digital art and animation
    • Video and new media
    • Stage and interior design
    • Fine art
    • Sound design

FSJ/Faculty of Foreign Languages

PF/Faculty of Law