The prerequisite for enrolling in basic studies is met by candidates who have obtained the appropriate level of education IV -1 sublevel of the National Qualification Framework, i.e. completed a four-year secondary education, including an external matriculation, i.e. professional exam, as well as candidates who previously completed a four-year secondary education educational program that did not foresee an external matriculation or professional exam.

Exceptionally, candidates who have not completed secondary education within a four-year period, including the external matriculation exam, in accordance with the provisions of Article 93 of the Law on Higher Education, can be enrolled at the Faculty of Visual Arts, if they pass the entrance exam prescribed by the general rules of the University.

A foreign citizen has the right to enroll under the same conditions as a Montenegrin citizen in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the University, unless otherwise stipulated by an international agreement.

A candidate for enrollment must submit an application and attach the following documents:

  • certificates of completed classes of secondary education.
  • diploma on passing the matriculation or final exam;
  • birth certificate or copy of biometric ID card/passport;
  • certificate of citizenship if he is a foreign citizen;
  • "Luča" diploma or equivalent diploma;
  • written proof of winning a prize at a state competition for high school students, or a competition of a higher level.
  • A certificate of the status of a top athlete, issued by a competent state body or a national sports association, if the candidate is registered as a top athlete;
  • Proposal for exemption from payment of tuition fees for candidates with disabilities, issued by UMHCG.

In addition to the documentation from the previous paragraph, the foreign citizen submits a health certificate and proof of knowledge of the language in which classes are conducted, except in the case if he graduated from high school in one of the languages that are in official use in Montenegro.

A candidate for enrollment who has submitted a request for nostrification, i.e. equivalence of a foreign educational document, may conditionally enroll, in the event that the procedure for nostrification, i.e. equivalency has not been completed before the deadline for submitting an application for enrollment.

In the event that the request for nostrification, i.e., equivalence of a foreign educational document is not completed by the beginning of the study year, or is rejected, or if the foreign educational document based on nostrification, i.e., equivalence does not grant the right to enroll in the chosen study program of the University, it will be considered that the conditional enrollment was not completed.

Documents for enrollment are submitted in original.

Except for the previous paragraph of the registration document, they can be submitted in a certified photocopy

ukoliko je službeno lice izvršilo uvid u orginal dokumenta o čemu je dužno sačiniti službenu if the official has inspected the original document, about which he is obliged to make an official report note.


  1. General condition

Enrollment of students is done on a competitive basis, in accordance with the results achieved at the end and during secondary education, after a ranking procedure has been carried out.

All secondary schools with a four-year duration are suitable for enrollment in study programs of the University, with the exception specified in Article 3 paragraph 2 and Article 5 of this Rulebook.

  1. Checking of knowledge and aptitude is of particular importance for mastering the study program

Candidates for admission to the Faculty of Visual Arts have a mandatory knowledge and aptitude test of special importance for mastering the study program (hereinafter: Admission test), which includes:

  • Interview and presentation of an artistic portfolio (artwork, drawings, paintings, photographs, videos, designs, computer graphics, etc.);
  • practical part of the exam (practical work).

The entrance exam is taken before the Commission formed by the Dean of the Faculty.

The practical work is evaluated as the mean value of the free evaluation of all members of the aforementioned Commission.

The results of the entrance examination are published on the notice board and on the website of the Faculty, no later than 24 hours after the end of the examination.

A candidate who is not satisfied with the results of the entrance exam can submit a complaint to the Admissions Committee within 24 hours of the publication of the results.

The decision on the complaint must be made within 24 hours from the submission of the complaint. The decision is communicated to the complainant and published on the notice board of the Faculty. The decision on the objection is final.

A candidate who did not pass the entrance exam did not exercise the right to enroll.

  1. Valuation

The following achievements are evaluated for enrollment in the study programs of the University:

  1. general success at the matriculation, or professional exam that is taken externally;
  2. general success at the end of individual grades of secondary education;
  3. success in two subjects from the third and fourth grade of secondary education that are important for continuing education;
  4. diploma "Luča" or equivalent diploma;
  5. prize at a national or international competition for high school students or a competition of a higher level.

In addition to the previously mentioned achievements, the results of the entrance exam and the artistic portfolio are also evaluated at the Faculty of Visual Arts.