Internationalization is one of the highest priorities in development strategy of our university. We continually work on establishing and improving cooperation with European and other universities. Creating a bilateral cooperation agreements, realization of joint international educational and research projects, mobility of students and university staff, participation in seminars, conferences and other academic gatherings, professional training programs etc., are some of the activities that we are continuously working on in order to promote academic cooperation and to establish quality base for strengthening international cooperation.

In October 2014, the Mediterranean has become the first university in Montenegro recognised by Council of Higher Education of Republic of Turkey (YOK ). This is only the first step in establishing long-term cooperation with renowned Turkish universities as Gazi University in Ankara. In this way, graduates of the Mediterranean got the opportunity to continue their education at renowned universities throughout the Republic of Turkey. Besides Ghazi, which is one of the largest and most respected universities in Turkey, the Mediterranean University cooperates with a large private universities such as Istanbul Aydin University (Istanbul).

Memebership in international university networks:

In order to strengthen the internationalization, the University actively participates in European and other cooperation programs such as TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, CEEPUS, GLOBAL UGRAD, MEVLANA, ERASMUS +. Active participation in the Erasmus Mundus projects for the mobility of students and university staff confirms the high quality of our curriculums. We opened the door of our university to foreign students, but, we also gave students the opportunity Mediterranean to expand and improve their knowledge and skills at renowned universities and colleges across Europe and the world.

Vice Rector for international relations, prof. Radislav Jovović, PhD