Society and economy

University “Mediterranean” has intensive cooperation with economic, state and social institutions in various areas that are of importance for the execution of study programs.

Students of University “Mediterranean” regularly visit various state bodies and institutions, companies and organizations that are related to the field they are studying. In this way, they are able to upgrade the theoretical knowledge they acquire at the university with practical knowledge and skills.

The Faculty of Visual Arts achieves intensive cooperation with public and institutions of economic and social importance. The faculty is particularly active in the field of small and medium-sized businesses, where it has implemented several significant projects, in the design and implementation of which teachers and students participated. The project of national importance "Good from Montenegro", which was launched in 2008 by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, is rounded off by the design of the collective trademark that is nowadays carried by the best products and services in Montenegro. The project that is informally called Patrol Design, came about as a result of the cooperation between the Petrović Njegoš Foundation, the Directorate for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and the FVU, resulted in about twenty visual identities for selected companies from Podgorica and Bar. FVU pays special attention to social responsibility and raising public awareness about ecology, energy efficiency, vulnerable groups and people on the social margins. FVU teachers and students have so far painted dozens of public and dedicated spaces in order to cultivate them. Among them, public squares in Podgorica and Pljevlja, the interiors of the Children's Hospital and the Resource Center in Podgorica, and the special hospital for mental illnesses in Kotor should be highlighted.

The Faculty of Law achieves appropriate cooperation with public, state, and private institutions of economic and social importance. The emphasis is on judicial institutions. In order for students to be empowered to successfully solve complex legal problems, they need to master the techniques of correct interpretation and application of numerous legal norms. To this end, every year the Faculty of Law organizes internships for students in the law offices with which it cooperates. Some of them are: Law firm Vukčević, Ćupić, Jončić, Kavarić, Lakić. In this way, students gain a unique and direct experience of the functioning of legal norms in their social context, deepen and problematize their knowledge of legal regulations in legal practice, and acquire the practical skills needed to identify and solve a legal problem.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources, the Faculty of Law has been organizing training programs for many years, including study visits of students to the judicial institutions of Montenegro, in order to train them for work in public administration.

The Faculty of Law is dedicated to the acquisition and development of management and managerial knowledge and skills of students through practice. In this sense, several joint projects were implemented with subjects from the public and real sectors, such as: Revenue and Customs Administration, Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Post of Montenegro, Montenegrin Commercial Bank, as well as a number of companies that successfully operate in Montenegro.

The wide scope and high quality of scientific research activity, which ensures international recognition and competitiveness in the European Research Area, is not possible without cooperation with related faculties and universities. Therefore, the Faculty of Law of the "Mediterranean" University concluded the Agreement on Business and Technical Cooperation with the Union Faculty of Law from Belgrade, the Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the Realization of Legal Clinics in the Field of Human Rights with the Faculty of Law of Montenegro, the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the University of Donja Gorica and the Association of Law Students Faculty of Montenegro (ELSA). Cooperation has also been achieved with renowned Law Faculties abroad such as: International Burch University (IBU), University of West Attica (Greece).