The Faculty of Law is one of the six organizational units of the first private university in Montenegro - the University "Mediteran", which, as an accredited and licensed institution, enables the acquisition of academic degrees from several fields - among others, rights. The University is clearly and deliberately committed to systematically and organically improving the quality of studies in order to be contemporary, flexible, comparable, competitive and efficient. In this sense, in line with the Bologna Process, continuous improvement of the quality of all university activities: classes, study programs, assessment systems based on the introduction of the European System for Accumulation and Transfer of Credit - ECTS, textbooks and literature, equipment of classroom and other space , information system, scientific research activities, publishing activities, selection of teaching staff and administrative staff, library activities, permanent education and other standards.

The Law Faculty of the University "Mediteran" was founded in 2007. In the study year 2007/08, 110 students were enrolled at the faculty. Now the faculty has about 400 students.

In the course of the academic year 2008/09, besides the basic study programs, the faculty receives a license and accreditation for two postgraduate programs (commercial law and judicial criminal-law postgraduate study program) and enrolls 45 postgraduates.

In the same year, a seminar was organized for the preparation of the passing of the bar exam, which is shown by a large number of graduated lawyers (more than 250 seminar participants in eight cycles)

The Faculty of Law was re-accredited in 2009, which confirmed the quality of study programs and the compliance of the work and organization of faculties with the requirements of regulations on the work of higher education institutions.

During the academic year 2009/10, the faculty receives a license and accreditation for a legal-political postgraduate study program.

In October 2010, the faculty received a license for scientific research from the Ministry of Education and Science (and the only legal faculty in Montenegro with this license).

Mission and goal

When establishing the faculty, it was decided that all attention and activities should be directed towards training students for responsible and professional work in the profession. The goal is for graduates to be professionals in their work, people with high moral values ​​and responsibility when performing a legal profession. The motive for the work of faculties is that his students tomorrow will be respectable, professional and high-quality young lawyers, which will significantly contribute to the overall development of society.

The Faculty of Law of the University "Mediteran" is not a faculty where everyone enrolled will receive a diploma. It is a college where it is responsible and worthwhile to work in order to get a diploma. The goal of the existence and work of faculties is quality!