The governing bodies of University Mediterranean Podgorica are:
The rectorate (Rector, Vice-rectors, General secretary), Rector's collegium, Executive director and administrative and professional services.

The highest body of administrative and academic management is the rector, whose position is held by Prof.dr Savo Marković, doctor of Legal Sciences.

The rector is assisted by two vice-rectors in their areas of competence, namely:

The Rectorate also includes the General Secretary, whose position is held by Ivana Nikolić, MSc, Master of Legal Sciences.

Rector's collegium is a governing body which meets in narrower and broader compositions. In addition to the rector, vice-rectors and the general secretary, the collegium is composed of deans of all the faculties of the University. In addition to the aforementioned members of the narrower composition, the Collegium also includes the vice-deans of all organizational units in its wider composition.
The current convocation of the Collegium consists of:

prof.dr Savo Marković rector
prof. dr Darko Lacmanović Vice-rector for teaching
prof. dr Radislav Jovović Vice-rector for international cooperation
mr Ivana Nikolić Acting general secretary
Faculty of Tourism
prof. dr Silvana Đurašević Dean
mr Tina Novaković Vice-dean
Faculty of Economics and Business
prof. dr Marija Janković Dean
dr Zarija Pejović Vice-dean
Faculty of Information Technologies
doc. dr Maja Delibašić Dean
doc. dr Žana Knežević Vice-dean
Faculty of Visual Arts
prof. mr Marija Džoganović dean
mr Katarina Laković Vice-dean
Faculty of Foreign Languages
prof. dr Olena Lilova dean
doc. dr Tamara Jovović Vice-dean
Faculty of Law
prof.dr Srđa Božović dean
dr Milena Kavarić Vice-dean

The executive director of the University is the governing body that takes care of the administration outside the academic framework. The function of the Executive Director is performed by Marko Nikolić, BSc. Ecc.

Administrative and professional services are bodies of administrative management. They include:

  • Student services of individual faculty units
  • Legal services, unified at the University level
  • Department for Finance and Accounting, unified at University level