In this modern day and age, conducting any form of business is impossible without the proper knowledge of foreign languages! The Faculty of foreign languages was founded back in 2007. as a higher education institution within the “Mediterranean” University. Currently, the faculty hosts hundreds of students and employs qualified lecturers and teaching staff along with expert management and academic staff.

The Faculty of Foreign languages realizes modern study programs which fulfil the highest educational standards; also it has at its disposal the newest of modern study techniques which serve a single goal – providing a more fundamental education for the future generations of Anglicists. Here in Podgorica, the Faculty educates highly qualified experts in the field of foreign languages as well as English and American literature. We consider that the profile of a modern-day philologist requires the knowledge of a foreign language whose core foundation is centered on up-to- date, modern language for the purpose of various professions along with knowing the business side of that very same language and being a competent translator; also one should know the methodology of teaching a foreign language, which include both pedagogical and psychological knowledge. All of this ensures that our students have the necessary quality and competitiveness upon entering not only the job market of our own country, but also the regional and European job market.

With foreign language into the business world!