The dean of the Faculty of Tourism attended the meeting of the NCP network of cluster 2 in Tallinn

Prof. Dr. Silvana Đurašević, dean of the Faculty of Tourism, University “Mediterranean” Podgorica, in the capacity of NCP (contact person for Montenegro / National Contact Point) of cluster 2 of the Horizon Europe program, financed by the European Union, attended the meeting of the NCP network of clusters 2, 12 and June 13 in Tallinn, Estonia. The meeting of NCPs (contact persons) from EU countries as well as candidate countries is periodically organized by Net4Society, and the goal of this year’s gathering is the announcement of new calls for projects within the 2024 Horizon Europe competition.

During the meeting, new tools, new methodologies and new services provided by the aforementioned program were presented, and the meeting also served as an opportunity to share experience with the holders of successful Horizon projects, including the projects of the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Seaplan Harbor Museum and the University of Tallinn.

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