FVA students painted the walls of the Center for the Rights of the Child in Podgorica

The project was implemented with the support of the Capital City, so the Deputy Mayor of Podgorica Boris Mugosa addressed the participants who pointed out that this is a gesture that will certainly motivate many people of good will to contribute to the development of the social community and to react in a responsible manner. On behalf of the Mediterranean University, the Rector of the University, prof. Dr. Radislav Jovović, expressed satisfaction with the cooperation achieved with the Capital City and the Center for the Rights of the Child in this very important and creative project.

Director of the Center for the Rights of the Child, Rajka Perović, assessed that this project is the result of a true partnership and essential cooperation on the welfare of children. She expressed special gratitude to the students who spent a significant part of their time and, with their work, making the ambient of the Center where the children are staying more beautiful. The Center’s director thanked Professor Marija Džoganović and students symbolically for recognition of their work and effort and expressed the belief that successful cooperation will continue in the future.

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