Lecture of Prof. Slobodan Unković, PhD

Professor Unković is one of the founders of the Faculty of tourism at the University “Mediterranean”, the very first faculty within University “Mediterranean”, and the first private faculty in Montenegro, and he is still teaching at master and doctoral studies.

At today’s lecture, professor Unković focused on the importance of the existing and future investments in the field of tourism, maintenance of the existing and extension towards old-new markets, among which he pointed at the market of Great Britain and, as a new one, at the market of China. Professor emphasized that each and every segment in the field of tourism in Montenegro had made visible progress. He dedicated a particular attention to the human resources education, as the main resource on which the future development should be laid upon.

In his lecture he particularly addressed to the representatives of the tourism with the recommendation for Montenegro to create its own touristic offer together with the countries in the region, in order to make it more attractive for remote areas.

His lecture was attended by representatives of the Government of Montenegro, representatives from the touristic, science, education departments, business men, and students from the University “Mediterranean”.




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