Dear colleagues,

I would like, personally, and on behalf of the personnel of the University “Mediterranean, to bid a cordial welcome wishing you, at the same time, good luck and a lot of success in your studies.

Let me congratulate you on the beginning of your studies! I am convinced that, estimating your personal capacities, wishes and your inclinations, by your enrolling at the University “Mediterranean”, the first private university in Montenegro, you made an appropriate and good choice of studies. By doing that you defined your future profession and expressed readiness for persistent and high-grade work. The profession you chose will be the field of your future expression in that area, in science, and in society. It will be the space for realization of your proper potentials and of your intellectual curiosity. True, it will be great challenge for all of you because in an era of a dynamic development of the science and technology, when more and more come forth knowledge, time, information, design, and know-how as well as other resources, modern man must thrive towards new knowledge, must follow the development of the science and has to adopt new knowledge. He has to study continuously and perfect himself because the knowledge itself is also growing old. Therefore our strategic orientation at the University “Mediterranean” is to implement into our teaching the most modern knowledge, methodology of work and of learning. The University is developing an intensive international cooperation, opening possibilities, that way, to the teachers and students to visit the most prestigious universities, whose experiences we constantly analyze and tend to apply within our practice.

Colleagues, I believe that with your persistent work, in an environment of the constructive friendly cooperation, together with our teaching stuff, you will achieve notable results that will be the pride for you personally and for the University “Mediterranean” as well, and that way contribute to the quality and affirmation of the work at the University.

Our curricula, licensed and accredited, are adapted to the spirit of the Bologna Declaration. These reflect the economic and societal development needs in Montenegro and make considerable contribution to its integration within European and global economic, scientific, cultural and other courses.


Prof. Janko Radulović, PhD

International Projects