Welcome to the University Mediterranean!

Studying at the University Mediterranean is the right choice.

University Mediterranean cherishes values that will enable you to successfully navigate in the increasingly complex world. These values are: maximal focus on the individual, work in small groups, team work, linking theoretical and practical lessons; development of self-confident personality, capable of facing life and professional challenges; development of motivation, emotional intelligence and complete personality and proactive behaviour of students.

These values are based on our mission, which fundamentally starts from a long-term strategy: creating conditions for intensely acquiring of knowledge and creating human capital as the dominant resource in the modern world. It is the creation of a "knowledge society" and training students to continually learn (life-long learning society). The focus is on quality education, which is measured by usability of acquired knowledge, skills and habits, which are necessary for rational and successful functioning in the complex and exponentially changing conditions of developed society.

University Mediterranean sees itself as a driving force that will draw Montenegro towards the new economy and help prepare young students, postgraduates, PhD students for a dynamic economic, technological and political arena in the future, in which they will  participate. It is a preparation for the future and a reorientation of thinking from past towards the future. Our values and mission are effective, because during the 11 years of existence and successful work, they have been confirmed in practice by a large number of proven experts.

The special advantage of University Mediterranean is international cooperation. The University has implemented joint international educational and scientific-research projects, achieved mobility of students and university staff, participated in seminars, conferences and other academic meetings, implemented numerous programs of professional development. In October 2014, University Mediterranean became the first university in Montenegro to be issued an official certificate of recognition of our university degrees in the Republic of Turkey by the Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey (YÖK). Cooperation with renowned Turkish universities has been established: Gazi University from Ankara, and Istanbul Aydin University (Istanbul), etc. The University is an active member of several university networks such as UNIADRION, ALUm, UNET, BADEN  and others. University participates in European and other cooperation programs such as TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, CEEPUS, GLOBAL BUILDING, MEVLANA, ERASMUS+. By actively participating in Erasmus Mundus mobility projects for students and university staff (EUROWEB, EUROWEB + and SUNBEAM), we confirm the high quality of curricula. We opened the doors of our university to foreign students, but also gave our university students the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills at renowned universities and colleges throughout Europe and the world.

Students are offered the opportunity to practice in the countries of Europe, USA and attending international summer schools. Students actively participate in many activities and events of the University and permanently improve student activities. We have a formalized cooperation with companies from Montenegro and regions such as Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Data Link, etc. Cooperation has been established with universities from most countries of the region, Europe, Cyprus and Turkey. We have intensive cooperation with the University Union from Belgrade, especially with the Belgrade Banking Academy.

Our goals and values are achieved by a high quality team of professors and assistants. Many renowned professors are involved in the curriculum, and with the extraordinary professors: Hasan Hanic, Dejan Eric, Zoran Bogetic, Slobodan Unkovic, Veljko Milutinovic and Vladan Devedzic, who have given an unselfish contribution since the establishment of the University, we can guarantee education like at the largest universities in Europe.

The University uses the most modern techniques and equipment, and with other resources it has made a creative atmosphere, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. The mainstay of entrepreneurial orientation and its development at the University was set up by the founder and successful entrepreneur Dr. Duško Knežević, President of the University Mediterranean and a member of the Summit 100 Business Leaders Council of South East Europe.

We prepare for the future and think of the future of our students!

Acting Rector
Prof. Radislav Jovović, PhD

Vicerector for Teaching
Prof. Adis Balota, PhD

International Projects