A round table was held on the topic “Economic growth of Montenegro”, posthumously dedicated to prof. Dr. Milenko Popović

The Institute for Socio-Economic Analysis (ISEA), in cooperation with the Mediterranean University, organized a round table on June 6, 2023 on the topic “Economic growth of Montenegro”. The event was posthumously dedicated to the prominent professor and scientist Prof. Dr. Milenko Popović, who during his rich scientific and professorial experience mostly researched the topic of economic growth and made a significant contribution both in the country and abroad.

In the introductory part, his close associates and friends, from the institutions and organizations where he worked, spoke about the biography and personality of Professor Popović. This is how the rector of the Mediterranean University, prof. Dr. Savo Marković, Executive Director of ISEA, Assoc. Dr. Mirjana Čizmović, prof. Dr. Milan Popović, prof. Dr. Vesna Karadžić from the Faculty of Economics and Dean of the Faculty of State and European Studies prof. Đorđije Blažić, Ph.D. They all agreed that prof. Popović was an extraordinary intellectual and one of the greatest economists of Montenegro and beyond, and at the same time a great man and friend, ready to give everyone good economic and life advice and provide the necessary support.

At the round table, economic experts and friends of Professor Popović, both from Montenegro and beyond, spoke on the topic of economic growth in Montenegro, namely: prof. Dr. Božo Drašković, retired research associate, Institute of Economic Sciences – Belgrade; Dr. Željko Bogetić, Chief Economist, World Bank – Washington; prof. Dr. Saša Popović, Head of the Department of Finance and Accounting, Faculty of Economics – Podgorica; Dr. Zarija Pejović, vice dean for teaching, Faculty of Economics and Business – Podgorica. During their presentations, they gave an overview of the economic growth of Montenegro so far and its prospects in the coming period. Professor Drašković recalled the relationship between ecology and economy, which was also researched by Professor Popović, and the importance of natural resources for economic growth. He particularly emphasized the importance of hydropower plants and said that it is necessary to continue research in that area. Dr. Bogetić stated that numerous factors influence the economic growth of a country, but he emphasized the importance of institutions, which must be based on trust and initiate reforms, which will be aimed at economic growth. In his presentation, Professor Popović focused on the green, but also on the “blue” economy, recalling the marine resource that Montenegro has. He particularly emphasized the importance of the circular economy, which implies the rational use of resources. Dr. Pejović emphasized the issue of education, which was intensively dealt with by Professor Popović, and which is one of the most important factors of economic growth. He stated that it is very important that education follows the needs of institutions and the overall economy.

Given that Milenko Popović has devoted a large part of his career to teaching and working with students, a competition for the selection of the best student essay on the topic “Economic growth of Montenegro – analysis and perspectives” was announced in anticipation of this event. The best works on this topic were presented and awarded at the round table. First place was won by Nikola Vojinović, from the Faculty of State and European Studies; second place Stevan Đurić, from the Faculty of Economics – University of Montenegro, and third place Aleksandra Popović, from the Faculty of Economics and Business – University of the Mediterranean. Sandra Nikaj (Faculty of Economics and Business – Mediterranean University) and Ajla Ibrahimović (Faculty of Economics – University of Montenegro) also received certificates of appreciation and awards.

The organizers announced that this event will become traditional and that a round table will be organized every year on one of the topics addressed by prof. Dr. Milenko Popović.

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