Cooperation with Warsaw through the Erasmus+ program

Teaching assistant at the Faculty of Visual Arts and head of the office for international cooperation, “Mediterranean” University Podgorica, MSc Nataša Kraljević, is visiting Wszechnica Polska, University of Warsaw from 29.05 to 02.06 through the Erasmus+ credit mobility program.

During the visit, Kraljević held a lecture at the Faculty of Philology on the topic “Public Relations and Propaganda” to second-year students of the English language department. Also, the next day, she met the representatives of the University of Wszechnica Polska with the work of our university and international projects, learned about the programs of the Polish university and exchanged opinions on future cooperation. The meeting was attended by the vice-chancellor of the University Prof. Dr. Czesław Pietras and the head of international cooperation Katarzyna Gajevska.

On Wednesday, 31 May, Kraljević met with the director and one of the founders of the independent theater Komuna Warszawa, Mr. Gzegorz Laszukom with the aim of establishing possible cultural programs between Podgorica and Warsaw. Founded in 1998, the Komuna Warszawa theater operates in the form of a private-public partnership, with the financial support of the city of Warsaw. After the meeting, Kraljević attended the guest performance of 21 Theater “Ballads and Romances” based on the text of the famous Polish poet and writer, Adam Mickjevic. Theater 21 has also been active in dealing with social issues and working with underprivileged groups for over twenty years.

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