Representatives of the Faculty of Visual Arts of the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica visiting the Catalan Art Academy

The professors of the Faculty of Visual Arts, Marija Džoganović, MA, dean, Katarina Laković, vice-dean, and Biljana Vušović, MA, producer, are on a study visit to the Escuela Superior Diseño y Artes Plásticas de Cataluña in Barcelona (Spain) this week (May 1-5), as part of Erasmus+ exchange program.

During their stay in Barcelona, female professors were able to familiarize themselves with the way the Spanish academy works, getting to know the spaces and possibilities of several campuses, within which this school operates. They also had the opportunity to visit workshops where ceramics, stone and metal are processed. The visit of the FVU delegation also served to establish new opportunities and create options for student exchange with this prestigious school, and Erasmus+ coordinators Mrs. Amaya Martinez and Mr. Jordi Guillemi, after talking with FVU professors, have already taken the first steps in establishing new programs.

Among other things, FVU professors visited the famous art academy Ljoča (cat. La Llotja), special because Pablo Picasso studied there, and his father worked as a drawing teacher.

In the mentioned visit, in addition to the professors of the Faculty of Visual Arts, the professors of the Faculty of Fine Arts from Cetinje, as well as the professors of the Faculty of Fine Arts from Susa (Tunisia) are participating.

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