The Hungarian government and the FAO scholarships for master studies in academic 2019/2020


  1. Master’s in the area of plant protection (Panonija University),
  2. Master’s in the area of rural development and agribusiness (University Szent István),
  3. Master’s in the area of agricultural biotechnology (University Szent István).


These master’s courses will be organized if enough students apply.

The scholarship includes:

  • Application and scholarship costs, along with basic books and notebooks,
  • Dormitory accommodation,
  • Life expenses,
  • Health insurance.

All the aforementioned costs are covered by the Hungarian Government, in accordance with the agreement between FAO and Hungary, signed in 2007.

Application and selection process:

The selection process will apply to scholarships that start in the September of 2019, and it will have two phases.

Phase one: FAO looks into applications and submits them to the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, which then forwards them to the appropriate universities that the students chose. Candidates must submit a complete documentation. Incomplete files will not be considered, nor will nameless ones.

Phase two: Selected candidates may be required to take an oral or written exam in English, as part of the application procedure. Universities that are taking part in this program take care of the next part of the selection process, and inform successful candidates. Only the aforementioned universities select students, without any input from the FAO. Selected candidates will be notified by Hungary’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Candidates will be chosen on these criteria:

  • Citizenship and permanent residence in one of the countries on the list,
  • Excellent grades,
  • Level of English proficiency (for programs that are in English),
  • Level of motivation,
  • Good health,
  • Age (priority will be given to applicants below 30 years of age).

Required documents:

Applicants need to send a file that contains following documents, by email:

  • Completed application form that can be downloaded at
  • Recent CV;
  • A copy of a high school diploma, with an academic transcript;
  • A copy of an undergraduate studies diploma, with an academic transcript;
  • A copy of an English proficiency certificate;
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport, specifically the pages where issuing date and expiration date, along with a passport number are visible;
  • Letter of recommendation;
  • Cover letter;
  • Certificate of health issued by a certified doctor of medicine;
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the applicant is not under any investigation.

All documents must be in ENGLISH, and the applicant is required to submit legally certified translations (translated by a court interpreter). Documents submitted in any other language will not be accepted. The complete file, containing the entire documentation, needs to be send exclusively by email to the FAO, by the 28th of February, 2019, at:

Candidates that were not accepted in the previous years can apply again for this program. These candidates need to submit the entire documentation by email once again.

Paper copies of the documentation, delivered by mail or by courier, or by any other means, will not be considered.

For any additional information and questions related to the program or the application procedure, interested applicants may contact FAO at

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