Award for the best equipped book, signed by prof. mr Nikola Latković

The book presents the results of the research that extends to the fields of cultural and historical heritage, with a special emphasis on construction, then on agriculture as the cornerstone of the Katun economy, and on the forests and in general the biodiversity of the Mt Kucka. This scientific photo-monograph also brings in a comprehensive inventory of censored and categorized censuses. The special quality of the book is a large format map of the mountain bird, attached in the form of a book envelope.

The monograph is the result of work on the scientific-research project “Valorization of Montenegrin Katun through Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Tourism – Katun”. Project activities were financed by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro through the program of INVO-HERIC of the World Bank, and realized by the University of Montenegro.

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