A representative of the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica participated in the international conference of the University of Arts in Belgrade

“Bringing it from the Margins” session dedicated to the analysis of cultural policies, which on June 26, within the three-day international conference of the University of Arts in Belgrade, gathered experts Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends, the representative of the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica, doctoral student Nataša Kraljević also participated , also an expert of the Compendium association for Montenegro.

Discussing examples of good practice as well as the possibilities of expanding the Compendium beyond European borders, the following participated in the conversation: Ulrike Blumenreich, director of the Compendium Association, Avril Joffe, professor at the Academy of Arts, University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, Anupama Sekhar, UNESCO expert for cultural cooperation in Asia and Europe, Hiroko Tsuboi, deputy director of the Committee for Culture in the Government of Japan, as well as Oleksandr Butsenko, from the Academy of Arts in Ukraine.

Given that in 2022, Montenegro became the 44th European member country of the Compendium, represented in the European association by the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica, Nataša Kraljević spoke about the state of the cultural sector in Montenegro, as well as the rapid changes that are happening when it comes to the culture sector.


The conference at the University of Arts in Belgrade, which lasts from June 26 to 28, is part of the Shakin Erasmus+ project. https://www.arts.bg.ac.rs/…/conference-call-in-from…/

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