Representatives of “Mediterranean” University Podgorica will participate in the “Supranational Democratic Dialogue 2023” conference in Brindisi on 18-19. May

The head of the office for international cooperation, teaching assistant and doctoral student at the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica, Nataša Kraljević, MA, participated in the conference “Supranational Democratic Dialogue 2023” with the theme: “The impact of international knowledge exchange in the field of cultural policy creation and democratic management / The Influence of the International knowledge exchange in the field of cultural policy-making and democratic governance”.

The conference, organized for the fifth time by the Faculty of Law of the University of Salento, was held in Brindisi this year, bringing together over fifty professors, researchers, creative thinkers and representatives of the non-governmental sector from all over Europe, with the aim of initiating a dialogue on possible democratic solutions to existing global challenges.

Bearing in mind that since 2022 Nataša Kraljević is a national expert in the European association Compendium Cultural Policies and Trends, and “Mediterranean” University Podgorica is the representative of the state of Montenegro in the aforementioned association of the Council of Europe, Kraljević was invited to introduce the European public to the way to which Montenegro accedes to this membership, as well as future activities planned within this process.

In the link below you can see information about the held conference, as well as short biographies of the panelists https://conference.unisalento. it/ocs/index.php/sdd2023/sdd2023

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