A guest lecture by the writer Đorđe Matić was held at the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica

On Friday, May 12, writer and poet Đorđe Matić gave a lecture on “Integrity and creativity” organized by the Ethics Committee of the University “Mediterranean” Podgorica. In a hall filled with students, professors and interested members of the public, Matić, in a conversation with Dragica Anđelić, MSc, expert for quality control at the University, discussed the culture from these areas and the problems in its perception when talking about Europe and the world.

Emphasizing the importance of raising awareness of one’s own culture, Matić cited the work of artists from these areas, in various historical eras, with examples, referring to the close connection between integrity and creativity, especially referring to the works of Kiš and Crnjanski, as the best examples of artists who worked in the areas of Western culture.

In the further conversation, which was mostly conducted with students, and related to current issues of young generations and dilemmas between working in this space or options of leaving the country, Matić explained the necessity of getting to know other cultures, but also the importance of working in one’s own cultural space.

Apart from visiting the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica, Đorđe Matić is staying in Podgorica on the occasion of the promotion of his first novel “Nowhere with Love”. This is his first visit to Montenegro.

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