A digital skills competition was held for high school girls

On the occasion of the International Day of Girls and Girls in ICT, on April 27, the Faculty of Information Technologies and the Faculty’s Student Association (USFITUM), with the support of the Ministry of Education, organized a competition in digital skills for high school girls in Montenegro.

At the very beginning of the event, the attendees were greeted by the dean of the Faculty, prof. Dr. Maja Delibašić and representative of USFITUM, 2nd year student, Nikola Vasović, who emphasized the importance of women in the field of technology. Words of support and strong messages were sent to the students by seven successful women who occupy an important place in the field of information and communication technologies in Montenegro.

Of the 27 registered students, 19 of them participated in the creation of a web presentation on the online platform WordPress, on the topic they received at the competition itself – Women in ICT. After that, the expert jury, which consisted of prof. Goran Šuković, Ph.D., director of the Logate Institute, Marina Matijević, head of the department for ICT, statistics and digitization in the Ministry of Education, Vanja Grgurović, head of the Information Systems Service in the Directorate for Inspection Affairs, Damira Kalač, journalist and computer scientist, and Nađa Žarić, Ph.D., associate at The Faculty of Information Technologies of the “Mediterranean” University, Podgorica, chose 10 finalists who presented their works.

Although he had an extremely difficult task, the jury decided that the winners would be: 1st place Katja Pejović, 2nd grade student of “Slobodan Škerović” Gymnasium Podgorica, 2nd place Iris Brkanović, 3rd grade student of “Slobodan Škerović” Gymnasium Podgorica, 3rd place place Tamara Jovićević, 2nd grade student at Cetinje High School. The sponsors of the competition provided very valuable prizes, the total fund of which exceeds 4,000 euros: Katja received a one-year scholarship at FIT awarded by the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica, Iris won a smartphone awarded by Telekom Crna Gora, and Multicom Retail gave Tamara a gift tablet. The Logate Institute presented the winners with a course of their choice, and also awarded a course for two more students.

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