A one-month internship program in Azerbaijan was granted to a researcher from “Mediterranean” University Podgorica

“Visiting Researchers Program 2023” in which the Center for Analysis and International Relations (AIR) in cooperation with the Azerbaijan International Development Agency of the Government of Azerbaijan (AIDA) and with the assistance of the Embassy of Azerbaijan annually awards a scholarship to a researcher from Montenegro, this year it awarded colleagues, master of legal sciences, Mimi Čvorović, interns at the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica.

Mima Čvorović was selected for the “Visiting Researchers Program 2023”, a program in which she will spend a month in Baku this summer.

In accordance with the program of horizontal networking with diplomatic missions in Montenegro, “Mediterranean” University Podgorica works intensively on strengthening educational and cultural ties with universities and institutions around the world, all with the aim of creating better opportunities for students and young researchers. The mentioned scholarship is just one of a series of joint activities planned between the University of the Mediterranean and the Embassy of Azerbaijan.

Congratulations to Mimi Čvorović and we wish you success!

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