Lecture on the subject of mental health held at the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica

On Thursday, May 18, organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business, at the “Mediterranean” University Podgorica, a lecture was held by clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Mina Gazivoda on the topic of “Mental Health”. The lecture was announced by Dr. Zarija Pejović, vice dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, emphasizing the importance of treating the mentioned topic, placing emphasis on today’s moment.

In her lecture, psychologist Mina Gazivoda talked about the challenges we face in preserving mental health and inner balance, emphasizing the role and importance of psychotherapy in treating mental disorders, but also as a way to improve the overall potential of the individual. The importance of choosing a qualified psychotherapist, who is able to respond to the client’s needs, was also emphasized.

During the lecture, as well as at the end, students asked questions to our distinguished guest.

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