The main benefits of DLS for students

A student can see his advantage in

  • Decreasing the house rent costs and the other costs related to living in the place where the studies are held
  • Possibility to choose a study programme and study out of the place of his residing without the necessity to change it
  • Choosing the school beyond the border of his country
  • Possibility to work during study time, independently from the place where studies are hels
  • Separating the impossibility to attend the traditional teaching process because of one of its permanent or current psychical problems, damages or illness, helps self-organizing of the learning time (high motivation, time planning, capacity for analysis and synthesis of the learning content etc.)


DL vs. traditional learning

The advantages of online education are numerous. In order to notice more clearly the difference between e-learning and the traditional form of learning and to choose the model which gives you more and helps you obtain better results, we have made comparison chart for you.

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