Impressions from the exchange

When I started my student life, I never dreamed that I would have the experience I have today. Love for traveling has always been present, a desire to study outside the borders of Montenegro appeared even in high school. The fact that I enrolled the Faculty of Foreign Languages, department for Business English ​​at the University Mediterranean, contributed greatly to accomplish this desire.

University Mediterranean as a partner university in the EUROWEB program, gave me a chance to be an exchange student at Mälardalen University in Sweden for one year. Studying in Sweden has met all my expectations, starting from the conditions at the university that are phenomenal to the professors who are trying to convey the knowledge the best they can. They are also dedicated to individual work, i.e. the students are encouraged to research and prepare themselves for teaching. The knowledge I acquired during the exchange is of great importance for my further professional development. In addition to academic benefits, this student exchange gave me the opportunity to travel, meet new cultures, expand horizons, gain new friendships and experiences that I will always remember.

I wish to recommend to all future students to enroll in the University Mediterranean if they want to improve professionally, gain very useful academic knowledge and opportunity to study abroad.

Dejana Bubanja,

Student of the Faculty of Foreign Language

Given that I spent my second year of studying in the US on student exchange, before applying for EUROWEB I discovered what student exchange means – unique experience, maturity, multiculturalism, language improvement and all that you put your efforts to achieve. When I heard that our university is a partner in the Erasmus Mundus EUROWEB exchange, without much thinking I sent my application ready to know more about Europe.

I never thought that I would study in Sweden, so all this was a big challenge for me, above all. Malardalen University is very pleasant, with good professors and a large number of international students, which contributes to socialization when you are in a foreign country. The city in which I live and study is a real student city and we have everything we need. I met many new people and acquired new knowledge. Some knowledge is related to my profession, and some is related to real life experiences.

I am very pleased with everything that this program has provided for me, as well as with cooperation of both universities – the University Mediterranean to which, although we are far apart, we are always “connected” via Internet or phone to help us in some sudden situations, and University Malardalen accepted as their own students. I feel like home. I got more than I expected. I am fortunate that my colleagues from the University Mediterranean through this exchange program have become my good friends now, which makes my experience even more beautiful. We are together in everything and it is wonderful when you have someone from your country with whom you can share all those beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful moments. I am satisfied with the courses and professors, which means a lot to me. This exchange provided me with professional development along with the enrichment of my social life, which exceeded my expectations.

Everyone remembers a student exchange as one of the best years in their life. What you learn through one year of living abroad, in a multicultural environment, away from family and friends where your thoughts have to be expressed in a foreign language, is a knowledge that is obtained only by personal experience. Enrich your student life with such an experience and apply for EUROWEB.

Kristina Lazarević,

Student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

As a student of the final year of the undergraduate studies of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​at the University Mediterranean, I can say that I undoubtedly made the right choice regarding the educational institution I am attending as well as regarding my future profession. Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​is a place where, with the help of daily work of professors, associates and faculty staff, the love I have had for languages ​​since childhood has increased, as well as the knowledge and desire for constant work. The Faculty gave me the opportunity to, as a scholarship holder of EUROWEB mobility program, go to the student exchange in Sweden. Now, after 6 months spent here, I can only say that this was my best life decision. Knowledge, acquaintances and multiculturalism are just a part of this unforgettable experience that I most strongly recommend to all. A priceless adventure that every student should experience./p>

Ena Koljenović

Student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

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