The photo exhibition ‘Psihologija sela’ by Željko Đukić was opened on the 27th of January, at the gallery of the Cultural Center of Bijelo Polje. The young artist depicted the beauty and abundance of the rural area of Bijelo Polje, and the tonight’s exhibition is just a part of the project through which he wants to return ‘the old glow’ to the villages and invite people to return to their hometown.

"Suburbs and villages are the focal point of my exhibition. The photographs displayed in the exhibition will be found in a photography book that will serve as a documentary of the current state of the Montenegrin villages. Rural areas of our region, especially the north, are beautiful and a real jewel. The overwhelming richness of the nature which provokes and lures you in, hence, I couldn't resist not capturing the unbelievable sceneries, unblemished and peaceful as they are", Đukic said tonight.

He added that the collection of the photographs will be updated and archived, and that he will also analyse the problems that the people face, because, as he pointed out "village life today is not ideal". Exhibition "Psihologija sela" has a specific, modern and multimedia meaning and character, emphasized the academic painter, Dražen Konatar.

"Each photograph emphasizes the good, positive side of the village and the lives of people, however if you look on the other side you can notice the burdensome and more cruel display of life in rural areas. Through this exhibition, Željko has given us a chance to admire the beauty of Montenegro and its villages all over again'' , Konatar said, congratulating Đukic on the successful exhibition.